• All treatments are conducted from my healing hut in Stonehaven and cost £20 per 30 minutes.

If it is your first time booking an appointment with me please feel free to email or call and we can discuss how long of a session you need and what each treatment entails.

Reiki Gift Cards available.????

Karuna Reiki Healing

Most sessions take 1 hour.

Tarot Readings,

Most sessions take 30 minutes.

Transformative Meditation

Transformative Meditation is known the effortless way to help de-stress & recharge your body and has been praised by many well known celebrities.
lindas transformative meditation diploma
You do not need to concentrate on anything or get yourself into any specific state of mind and for those reasons it has been popular with those who are dealing with the stresses of money issues, redundancy or workplace matters, publicity and even court cases.

Transformative meditation can also be used for weight management. Can be personal or group sessions. (Consultation required)

Most sessions last 1 hour and is suitable for most ages.

Deep Relaxation Therapy

Most sessions take 1 hour.

These sessions are personalised and one to one. (Consultation required)

Animal Communication

Most sessions take 1 hour.